Just a speed hump …

We will all face tricky and challenging times in our lives – that’s a fact!! And the more we stretch ourselves, the more challenges we will have to navigate and find a way through. That’s also a fact! Life does and will throw things at us that are at times unexpected, appear unfair and can […]

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Unfamiliar becomes familiar

Well what can I say!! It’s amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it and just have a go! Thinking back, there were a few things that made it on the ‘his’ to do list. One of those things I palmed off was building furniture. It’s not that I didn’t like […]

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Who am I? What happened to me?

It’s funny how much you can forget who you are when you are under pressure or stress! Over the period of a decade, I went from being social and somewhat carefree, loving fun and jokes, happy, friendly, relaxed & calm TO stressed, nervous, anxious, overwhelmed, anti-social, afraid, doubting, sad and unhappy! I ended up living […]

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Values and beliefs

You know, what we value and what we believe are 2 things that are instrumental in our life and how we choose to react to life’s events and challenges. I had never really questioned my values and beliefs, nor knew the real impact of them on my life. When life was turned upside down and […]

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An introduction

Thanks for joining me and sharing in my journey! I aim to write honestly about life – the good, the bad and the harsh. I’m sharing because I honestly hope I’m able to help other women who find themselves in marriage separations and/or life events that create uncertainty, insecurity, disbelief, questions and vulnerability – all […]

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